Braow Goods is established in 2016. We have been hand-crafting & hand-stitching ever since a couple years back from a passionate hobby.

Timeless is our key to every product.
We strive to design a product that fits into many years ahead, pouring “Classic Authenticity” into the design, functionality and durability to last a lifetime.

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We are proud to share an inspirational story in our movie “DIGNITY” , which can also be found at the top or the first cover image.

Our company has a social impact in recruiting hearing-impaired members, and training them to become our leather crafter.

We would like to share our humble vision and mission:

For fellow Entrepreneurs

We are reaching out to gather a new idea for recruiting the disabled.
They deserve an equal opportunity.

For fellow Hearing-Impaired friends

There is always hope.
Find your talent, explore and be proud of who you are.
Everybody is unique & special.

For fellow Parents, Relatives, and friends of the disabled

Please encourage and give them a chance for them to open up to the society.
They deserve to communicate to the outer world.